About Versatile Tanks

Concrete Tanks, Wine Cellars & OSD Tanks Delivered Australia Wide

Versatility is at the heart of what we do. Because our tanks are square or rectangular; they have many more uses than the standard circular tank.

Engineers, Architects and Consultants across Australia use our specific engineered plans and designs and incorporate them into their house drawings, plans, commercial building submissions and industrial applications. Local Councils are more confident to approve our systems for underground use, as they are structurally designed and engineered for that very purpose.

Our tanks are known for their longevity, as well as their versatility. Our concrete mix design is regularly tested for strength. Couple that with our manufacturing technique, and you have reliable and high-quality tanks.

Company History

The Versatile Tanks Company was established as a result of director’s experience in the building, engineering and manufacturing fields.

Originally called R.P. Bin Services Pty Ltd the company was established in 1992 to manufacture industrial steel waste containers for Brambles Australia. It was thought a change of name to describe the companies direction seemed appropriate in 2007.

The Versatile Tank Company  is purely an Australian company specialising in the development and implementation of steel mould manufacturing and technology solutions for the concrete industry  including modifications, adaptability for mines, gas, water, retaining systems, heavy industrial solutions for water recycling.

From its inception Versatile Tanks has rapidly grown to become one of the most
respected suppliers of unique seamless rectangular and square structural concrete vaults for the Australian market.

Industry. With projects in Australia as well as in New Zealand  soon Versatile Tanks
provide one of the most advanced water storage, explosive storage solutions for a highly specialised and demanding industry.

Key Personnel

Position: Director, responsible for Research and Development
– Dates: 1992 to present
– Mobile: 0427484444
– Or office 1300783344
– Fax: 02 65860558
– Email: info@versatiletanks.com.au
– Attention Ray Pooke

Professional experience

– Research and Development 5 years
– Steel manufacturing and fabrication
– Welding of all structural steel
– Concreting – experimentation utilising chemists
– Engineering knowledge with further experienced consultants on contract
– Licences for various heavy machinery such as cranes, overhead, knuckle, bobcat, heavy trucks, green card.
– Wealth of knowledge in the building industry especially with installation swimming pools ie earth retaining structures, hydrostatic uplift prevention.
– Knowledge of many Applicable Australian standards relating to the industry.

Some of our most recent clients –
– Rio Tinto Mt Thorley – walkway mesh placed over large tanks for methane gas research
– Allied Gold Papua New Guinea – magazines small and large for explosive storage of detonators and explosives
– Enerflex – small seamless concrete cubes for Carpentaria golf pipeline
– Halliburton – Magazines of various sizes
– Temco – BHP Billiton in Tasmania large modified concrete storage tank
– Steiner Schools – water storage
– Knox School – water tanks also used as earth retaining structures and viewing platforms from lids.
– Stonehaven Homes – domestic water storage

Concrete Tanks

The tanks and their uses

Every concrete tank is made in a seamless mould in our factory, so you can be sure of no leaks. All tanks come with structural lids and a 600x 600mm man hole, plus they’re manufactured for easy installation for builders, excavators, and plumbers.

Our concrete tanks are designed to be modular and sit tightly next to each other, which is great for restricted site applications both above and below ground. Their design is engineered for applied loads and uniquely ribbed for strength. Therefore, they can be buried underground or installed as a driveway, garage, or patio.

We can customize our tanks for your needs. Check out the list of their possible uses:

  • Fresh water storage tanks
  • Grey water storage tanks
  • Recycled water storage tanks
  • Black water storage tanks
  • Sump tanks
  • Methane gas units (in fact, most liquid substances can be stored in these units)
  • Wine cellars
  • Toilet blocks
  • Storage sheds
  • Fire shelters
  • Explosive storage and ammunition units
  • Bundled units
  • Underground exchanges

…the list of possibilities is endless.

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