Concrete Water Tanks Brisbane

As the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia with a population that’s exploding in size. Brisbane’s climate means it suffers from floods and droughts periodically, creating pressure on the water supply in the area.

Water tanks are increasingly popular in Brisbane

Brisbane council have been extremely successful in running a campaign to encourage their residents to install water tanks but have now ended their rebate offer. Nevertheless, water tanks continue to be installed all over the city as residents strive to get more control over their own supply and protect their household against the inevitable shortages and water problems that occur with both floods and droughts.

According to Brisbane Council’s statistics, there are now 90,000 water tanks installed across the city helping to make Brisbane one of the most water-efficient cities in the world.

Water tanks needed in Brisbane due to subtropical climate

One of the reasons that water storage tanks are such a great idea in Brisbane is that being part of Queensland, there’s a subtropical climate, with part of the year much hotter and wetter than other regions in Australia.

Averaged out over the year, the monthly rainfall is 96mm but this only tells part of the story. The winters in Brisbane, and to a lesser extent the spring, are a particularly dry time of year with the climate very pleasant. The summers are hot and scorching, but are also very wet, with thunderstorms and even tropical cyclones.

This sharp swing means that during some months there’s an excess of water and in other months, not enough. This leaves Brisbane residents facing shortages and regular restrictions on washing cars or watering lawns and gardens.

With our underground concrete water tanks in Brisbane, the high density of housing in the area doesn’t present a problem as the tank won’t encroach on the outdoor space. Placing tanks underground has so many benefits for the home owner. Water stays at a constant temperature, no fluctuations means healthy cool water, algae can not grow as there is no sunlight, the tanks are structurally designed to have permanent loads such as concrete slab driveways, and light to medium transport over the tanks. Many older style properties also have decking and verandas, and this can be the ideal place to site a tank, using an otherwise redundant area. The Versatile Tanks are also structurally designed to be used as a retaining wall as well as a water tank, another saving to the home owner.

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