New South Wales

Concrete Water Tanks in NSW

With around 7 million residents, NSW lies in the south east region of Australia and has a temperate climate with distinct seasons of the year. However, although the state isn’t as vast as others, there are significant disparities amongst the climate and rainfall that can be found across the region.

Western plains cover almost two thirds of NSW, and these often experience low rainfall and high temperatures. NSW also features a mountainous region with snow-capped peaks and icy areas. These chilly temperatures aren’t confined to the mountains though; inland there can be severe frosts and even snow during the winter months.

Broken Hill has a desert-like micro-climate and only receives around 245mm of rain per year. Other areas in the north west of the state are similarly arid and lacking precipitation. By contrast, the coastal city of Coffs Harbour receives far more rain, more than six times as much, with an average yearly rainfall of 1645mm.

Concrete water tanks are a cost-effective environmentally-friendly water conservation method

A Versatile concrete water tank is the perfect way to save money and make use of the valuable water when it does fall, storing it safely for future use.

Choosing an underground tank means that you won’t need to worry about your water supply freezing, or pay for expensive insulation. Being buried underground protects your water from the excesses of the weather, so your water will remain cool, but never frozen.

Regardless of whether you live in one of the water-hungry desert regions of NSW or inland cities that regularly experience Arctic temperatures, a concrete water tank in NSW is a vital piece of equipment for lowering water bills and ensuring your household has a steady supply for whatever purpose you require. Versatile Tanks offer 3 basic tank sizes in an attempt to try to satisfy many water storage needs. On site detention tanks are also becoming an urgency through the states due to the condensed housing and pressure on the existing stormwater systems through out Australia. Versatile Tanks has a solution for this demand also.

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