Concrete Water Tanks Perth

Perth is officially the sunniest city in the country. With 131 days per year guaranteeing deep blue azure skies with not a cloud to be seen, and an average of nine hours of unbroken sunshine every day, Perth’s reputation as the sunshine city is well deserved.

Perth the sunshine city can have problems with water collection

The warm year-round temperatures make it the perfect location for a truly outdoors lifestyle, and that means not just indulging in water sports, but many homes having a swimming pool too.

The problem is that as well as being the sunniest; Perth is one of the driest cities with a particular difficulty during the hot and sunniest months of the year.

But it’s not dry all of the time and even during the peak of the hot season, nighttime brings tropical storms and heavy rain.

Water tanks are effective for households as Perth becomes drier

Despite this, Perth and the whole of Western Australia is continuing to become drier, putting pressure on supplies in an area where demand is high. Households that want to continue to have sufficient water to be able to fill swimming pools, water gardens and run water-hungry appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines have to consider ways in which they can top up their supply.

Although rainfall is one of the lowest in Australia, getting a larger underground concrete water tank in Perth is still a smart move. This is because when it does rain, it’s often heavy so a larger tank will have the capacity to collect and hold much more water.

Using a tank made from concrete and held underground means that the water is held at a much cooler temperature and the risk of algae growth is eliminated. This combined with the sheer strength of Versatile Tanks concrete tanks makes the collection of rainwater an excellent idea if you want to have the luxury of using water without restrictions.

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