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One of the most urbanised and popular cities in Australia, Sydney is a city that places huge demands on the water supply.
Versatile Tanks supply a wide range of concrete water tanks in Sydney.

Sydney faces a potential water crisis

However, much of the municipal supply is determined by the Warragamba Dam and water levels in here are at one of their lowest ever; in fact, current levels are at their lowest since the dam began operating with no sign of an improvement any time soon.

Warragamba Dam hasn’t been full since 1998 and with every month’s rainfall adding approximately 3% to the volume, but at least 2% being used; the reserves aren’t being rebuilt particularly quickly. And in those months where rainfall is lower, the water at the dam becomes seriously depleted. When measured over a longer period, demand for the water in Warragamba outstrips supply. This leaves Sydney facing a potentially serious water shortage.

Water tanks are an effective part of the solution for water for Sydney

Yet if residents in the Warragamba Dam service area, such as Sydney, used 30% less water in their households, the water levels would quickly rise and the dam would once again fill up. This type of water saving is easily possible with the installation of an underground water tank.

The amount of rainwater that can easily be collected, especially from run-off areas such as the roof, can be extremely substantial and more than enough for the majority of functions within every home. The mains water supply is there just to provide a top up when required, such as during periods when rainfall has been less.

However, if you don’t have a water storage tanks that’s capable of collecting a large amount of water, you could end up disappointed with the contribution it makes to your household. It’s therefore a good idea to get a larger water tank wherever possible.

Versatile Underground tanks are out of sight so you won’t need to worry about an unappealing structure in your garden, and offers you the opportunity to have a tank of a significant size, even if you only have a small yard. What is exceptional with the Versatile Tanks is you have the option to place the tanks in a modular system underground, connect them up to your house and bury them out of sight either under grassed area, driveway or garage. Concrete is an excellent material for constructing larger tanks because it’s resilient, strong and durable and will last for several decades in any Sydney home.

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