Concrete Water Tanks Victoria

Concrete Water Tanks in Victoria

The second smallest state in Australia, equivalent roughly to the size of the United Kingdom, Victoria has a diverse and wide-ranging climate, with differing degrees of rainfall across the region.

Collecting rainwater is an effective water conservation solution

Australia overall is a hot and dry country, but despite this, collecting rainwater is an extremely efficient way to store water and meet demand. Of the individuals who have a Versatile Concrete water tank, the vast majority said they hardly needed to rely on the mains water supply any more.

Around one in six individuals who hadn’t installed a water tank said that space was an issue but with an underground tank this need not be an issue. The way Versatile Tanks are designed and engineered the usages are endless, they can be placed fully underground not encroach on valuable usable land space, under driveways, garages, under garden out of site, or buried semi, use them as a deck and water storage, fully above ground as a deck, retaining wall and water storage.

Research has shown that every person in Victoria uses around 100-200 litres of water per day (without any water reducing measures being installed). It’s possible to collect sufficient rainwater to meet a considerable portion, if not all, of these demands but much depends on the individual circumstances.

Households can reap the financial benefits of a water tank

Historically the number of water tanks in Victoria has been less than in other areas, such as South Australia, but this is rapidly beginning to change as households start to reap the financial benefits of having their only supply.

A water tank should never be allowed to run dry. Most households have a system whereby the mains water automatically tops it up when it’s starting to drop particularly low. Therefore you don’t want a tank that’s too large for your capacity. Conversely, if you pick a tank that’s too small, you’ll waste a lot of rainwater and won’t be able to utilise the full potential of having a water tank.

You’ll need to take into account the size of your roof, as well as the average rainfall in your area before deciding which underground concrete water tank is right for the needs of your household. A water tanks expert can help you to make the decision, and provide guidance on what you should expect.

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