Concrete Detention Tanks

Concrete Detention Tanks can be placed under your garage slab or driveway, or placed underground out of site

Our detention tanks are seamless, robust, quick to install, and ready for loads on the lids if required. You now have the opportunity to reduce those expensive and complicated detention system costs and use an all in one system. They are installed easily within the day, which includes digging if placed underground, plumbing, and delivery.

Standard Detention Tank Sizes:

Underground or in ground water tank comes in 3 main sizes: 6700 litres, 11700 litres and 22500 litres.

Let’s take a closer look at their dimensions:

6700 Litre Concrete Water Tank: 11700 Litre Concrete Water Tank: 22500 Litre Concrete Water Tank:
Height: 2100mm Height: 2400mm Height: 2600mm
Width: 2100mm Width: 2400mm Width: 2400mm
Length: 1800mm Length: 2400mm Length: 4400mm
Weight: 4.1 ton Weight: 7.1 ton Weight: 11.7 ton

All the above heights can be reduced to your OSD council requirements and basic requirements.

Below is an example of a 11000 liter detention tank with riser

Detention Tank

An onsite retention detention system can be an above ground or underground system.

Our tanks can be fitted with orifice plates engineered to whatever size required to reduce the flow of water exiting to the stormwater system. This method causes water to back up and store in your OSD tank, so the orifice is fitted with a meshed cover to stop debris. Our OSD tanks and unique orifice plates are widely used throughout sites in Australia.

Our onsite detention tanks can be placed under your garage slab or driveway, or placed underground out of site. They are ideal if you have a very small block.

The OSD tank walls can also be used as retaining walls, which have the benefit of storing water for landscape use as well as OSD requirements, through the onsite and tank plumbing configuration.

All our tanks are made with high strength 50mpa concrete cured to 72mpa as per the AS3600-2001 concrete structures standard. They are structurally engineered to withstand applied loads against the walls and the lids and are fully engineered with strict construction guidelines within the factory. Engineering designs are available for council approval and submission.

Our tanks only need a 100mm level sand or crusher base for the concrete water storage unit to sit on, whether they’re used for OSD, retaining walls water storage tanks, water tanks, above ground tanks, or underground tanks.

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