Our Range Of Versatile Tanks

Versatility is in our name and it reflects what our tanks are known for. They’re perfect as commercial, industrial tanks, or domestic concrete tanks. We cater for families who want a wine cellar installed to a company in the pyrotechnic industry looking for a storage facility for its dangerous goods.

What’s so special about our concrete tanks? Apart from the high-quality mix design, our production means that we pour the concrete straight into a mould. The result is a tank that’s one unit – no joins, no leaks, and easily transportable and installable.

Plus, they’re either square or rectangular. This shape gives them such a wide variety of uses compared to a circular tank. They can be used underground as they come with lids. They can sit side by side, giving you a modular design. The opportunities are endless.

Benefits of using a Versatile Concrete Tank design:

  • Our unique square and rectangular concrete tanks are modular in design
  • Designed and engineered to withstand heavy loads on walls
  • Tank heights can be adjusted to suit site applications
  • We manufacture using only Australian steel (no imports)
  • Concrete tanks are made from a high strength concrete 50mpa full strength 72mpa after 28 days
  • Regular testing and strict quality control before released
  • No joins in any of the walls, tank poured in a seamless mould – no leaks
  • cavities of various sizes can be added, place doors , larger accesses, ladders

OSD Tanks

Are you in need of an OSD tank or onsite detention tank to contain stormwater and wastewater for a limited period of a time? Our square or rectangular tanks are perfect for this, as they can be installed underground. Their capacity goes up to 22500 litres and they can be fitted with orifice plates engineered to whatever size you require, covered with mesh to stop debris.

Our concrete is known for its strength and quality, plus the addition of a lid means they can be installed wherever you need one.

Find out the various sizes and specifications here.

Concrete Water Tank - 22500 litreConcrete Water Tanks

Our concrete water tanks are just as our name suggests: versatile.

At 6700 litres, 11700 litres, and 22500 litres capacity, they can be used for above ground storage tanks, for example for water or chemicals; or installed fully underground with lids so that you can pave a driveway over the top, for instance.

Think of a need for a square or rectangular tank above or below ground and we can probably cater.

Find out more about our concrete water tanks here, including what’s needed to install it.

Wine Cellar Wine Cellars

Fancy yourself as a bit of a wine connoisseur? We can install a concrete tank below ground, creating a wine cellar that’s perfectly sized to store your collection but out of the way from the main part of your house.

Manufactured as one unit, they’re easy to transport to wherever you are in Australia. To complete your wine cellar, we can fit a timber or steel spiral staircase and wine racks to match.

Read more to see what we’ve already done for other customers, plus potential floor plans.

Fire-tankFire Fighting Storage Containers

Concrete is perfect for storing water for fire fighting. The material itself won’t catch fire, unlike metals and plastics, plus it conducts heat slowly.

Our tanks are manufactured as per AS 2419.1-2005 and we can install them wherever there’s a risk of fire.

Read more about the fantastic qualities of concrete here and options for installing your tank.

Dangerous-GoodsDangerous Goods

Dangerous goods need to be stored in a secure area that’s made of suitable materials. Our tanks have a high security lock system with heavy duty strap door hinges. They are finished with a barrier-rich paint, so there’s no opportunity for rust.

They’ve been designed specifically for industries that handle chemicals and explosives. For instance, the roof can give way if faced with an explosion to avoid damage.

Find out how we can meet your requirements here.