The Importance of Water Storage Tanks

Water is one of the most important things humans need for survival. You may be able to go a few weeks without food, but will only survive three to five days without water. Unfortunately, Australia is prone to droughts due to its geography, which makes water storage tanks a necessity.

What is a water storage tank?

A water storage tank is exactly what its name implies, a humongous tank made of concrete primarily used to store water. This water may be used anywhere inside the house, for doing chores like laundry or watering the lawn, doing the dishes or flushing the toilet. Versatile Tanks’ concrete water tanks structurally designed by engineers and are manufactured to strict guidelines. Available in 3 size options, our water storage tanks are made with high-strength concrete in a stainless steel mould that ensures no joints. When there are no joints holding the tank together, there are less chances of leakages and cracks!

Benefits of Water Storage Tanks

  • Help in the time of drought

During the drought months, your local government council or state government may put limits on the amount of water you can use. In times like these, having a ready supply of water in a full water tank can help you perform daily chores more easily without worrying about going over the limit. You may save water the rest of the year to use in the drought months.

  • An excellent option for farmers

Farmers use a lot of water to irrigate their crops. During water limit restrictions, their plants can suffer from intense heat and a lack of water. In such times, having an adequate supply of water in a water storage tank on the property can help a lot. Again, you may use the rainy months, where you do not need to water the plants yourself to prepare yourself for the drier months by storing excess water on-site.

  • Discreet and hidden

Versatile Tanks’ water storage tanks are made to be installed underground. Because they are made from high-strength concrete cured to 72mpa in 28 days, and manufactured to the AS3600 concrete structures specifications, they are highly durable and can withstand loads. This means that if you are are living on a small property and want to install a water storage tank under your driveway, Versatile Tanks’ concrete tanks make it possible. Experience all the benefits of having a water storage tank on the property without losing any valuable real estate!

  • Fire-resistant

Unlike water tanks made out of plastic or metal, concrete tanks are fire-resistant. Concrete is a poor conductor of heat, which means that it won’t melt in the event of a fire and will keep the water inside it cool even during heat waves. This is why concrete water tanks are so popular in bushfire prone areas and are the recommended material for firefighting water storage tanks.

  • Bacteria and algae-resistant

Concrete is also an antibacterial material and because your tank will be stored underground, there are less chances of algae or mould growth. When there is no bacteria or algae in the tank, your water will not get contaminated and you won’t require cleaning chemicals to be added to the water to make it clean again. Just pure, safe water.

  • Environmentally friendly

Concrete is a highly recyclable material. But because concrete tanks last upwards of 50 to 60 years, they offer a lot of use before they need to be replaced or discarded. This means that in contrast to the 20 years a poly water tank will last or the 30 years of a steel tank, a concrete tank will not only last much longer, but can easily be recycled and reused in many ways. Additionally, by using stored water, you’re using less water from the environment during drought months, making it kind on the environment.

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