5 Key benefits of a Versatile Concrete Tank

**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks**

You’ve probably already been sold on the benefits of having your own concrete tank for your home or business. You can use a concrete tank for storage, including waste and rain water for commercial use or fighting bush fires, or use it to create room for a wine cellar underneath your patio.

You might be at the stage of researching which tank design is best and how to install a tank, so make sure you think through all of your needs and strive to find a solution that’s tailored to you.

The list of possibilities for Versatile Tanks is endless:

  • Various water storage solutions, including fresh water, grey water, black water and recycled water storage tanks
  • Sump tanks to collect any liquids in a drainage system
  • Methane gas units or similar – most liquid substances can be stored in our tanks safely
  • Wine cellars underground with purpose-made stairs
  • Toilet blocks, for instance if you have a plot of land for commercial use
  • Storage sheds for both domestic and commercial clients, keeping your items out of sight
  • Fire shelters, which if you’re in a high-risk area for bush fires is invaluable
  • Explosive storage and ammunition units as the strength of the concrete is very high
  • Bundled units – the square design can fit units side by side, which wouldn’t be possible with circular tanks

As our name suggests, our tanks are versatile. So if you have storage needs, we could provide that solution. But why choose a Versatile Tank? What properties do our tanks have that means you’d go against the round tank trend or opt for a cheaper material version?

  1. Multiple uses for the lid…

The strength of a Versatile Tank lid is due to the high strength concrete we use and the seamless mould that we manufacture them in. This means that the lids can withstand loads, giving you multiple uses.

You could use the lid as a slab or patio. Perhaps you could place a driveway on the lid or cover it with earth for grass and plants to grow. Your storage tank can therefore have more than one use, plus you don’t need to compromise on installing a wine cellar as you don’t need to worry about any ugly structures.

  1. …and walls

You can use your tank as a wine cellar or storage facility underground as the walls are designed to support earth and heavy loads plus are certified in all states of Australia to be used as retaining walls.

You can also make use of the wall structure by placing doors in them, which means you can turn your tank into security and fire-resistant concrete units with fire rated doors.

If you’re using your tank as a pool or pump house unit, the walls can be painted to either be disguised or featured as an attractive part of your garden or house.

  1. Bespoke size

The rectangular and square tanks can have the height lowered to meet your requirements. For instance, if there is rock in your yard in the way or there is underground water where you cannot dig below the water table, the size can be tailored for you. Often, these features underground are only discovered during the planning stage once you’ve already got contractors involved (not to mention started planning your wine cellar in your head!). So the convenience of being able to change the size is highly beneficial.

  1. A seamless structure

The walls of a Versatile Tank have no joins. What are known as ‘cold joins’ in non-seamless structures often result in leaking. It is a big problem with round tanks as ground movement makes joins move apart. Particularly if there is wet soggy ground and if there is another structure around the footings, the tank can sink. Not ideal!

Also because of the way Versatile Tanks are manufactured, away from any weather elements, the end product does not suffer from micro cracks. You’re therefore left with an incredibly strong and long-lasting structure.

  1. The choice for many

An installation process is made so much easier if your contractors are on your side. Disagreeing about products and processes can cause a headache, so it’s pleasing to know that square and rectangle tanks are widely accepted by plumbers, builders, and engineers. They find the versatility attractive and the choice of concrete units is only limited by the imagination.

Engineers, architects and consultants Australia-wide use our specific engineered plans and designs and incorporate them into their house drawings, plans, commercial building submissions and industrial applications. Because our tanks are structurally designed and engineered for underground use, local councils are more confident to approve our systems than others.

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