Dreaming of an underground wine cellar? It’s time to make it reality

An underground wine cellar sounds very glamorous and something only well to do people would have. It’s a surprisingly affordable option and can add to the resale value of your property. Read on for reasons why it’s a great option for you:

Temperature and sunlight

It’s common knowledge that keeping wine away from UV light and fluctuating temperatures ensures its quality and taste. However in Australia that’s not always an achievable aim given our large amounts of sunny weather and high temperatures. Our concrete wine cellars are a perfect solution to major temperature fluctuations and exposure to sunlight. Here at Versatile Tanks our wine cellars do not have any joins or seams, so we can guarantee no sunlight can get in and ruin your precious wine collection.

Shape and size

Our wine cellars come ‘precast’ which means they aren’t built on site as it is not always very practical to do so. They are modular shaped, designed to let you maximise the area for storage or access. This modular aesthetic will help you also decorate the wine cellar to whatever you want it to be. Our tanks come in large or medium sizes as not every space is created equal. After it’s installed you can focus on your shelving requirements.

Above ground or underground wine cellar?

Now that you have decided to install a wine cellar in your home, where would you like it installed? Would you like it above ground, underground, embedded in the hillside or beneath foundations? If you are building a house, getting one installed beneath foundations as you are building your new house is a great idea! You won’t regret it. If you have a pre-existing house you can still have one installed underground or embedded into a hillside of your property if it is possible. An above ground cellar is a viable option if inground is impractical. You might be able to add the cellar as an extension of a room such as a kitchen.

Precast in special conditions

Here at Versatile Tanks we take the condition of your wine cellar very seriously. Our precast tanks are made in a controlled environment. The reason for this controlled environment is to ensure that the cellar is one sealed unit with no weaknesses in the cement such as microcracks. The other reason for the sealed unit is that a tight unit can protect the wine from issues such as rising damp, mould and leakages. Our cellars are also designed to keep a perfect temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 12.7 degrees celcius. This considered the perfect temperature for storing and collecting wine.

Personal storage or archiving precious items

Your new wine cellar might be originally intended just for your wine collection but it can also be used to archive important family documents and personal items that you don’t want ruined due to mould or damp. But beware, once you install your wine cellar you may become obsessed with collecting different bottles to try and store in your new fancy above ground or underground wine cellar!