Things To Know Before Purchasing A Chemical Storage Unit

Here at Versatile Tanks, we take the storage of chemicals, ammunition, explosive materials and dangerous goods very seriously. We manufacture our storage units to the Australian Standard AS2187-1-1998 Storage and Transportation of Explosives. 

Industries that use chemical storage units are the chemical manufacturing industry, oil and petroleum industry, agricultural industry, and food industry. 

If you require a chemical storage unit make sure you consider the type of material and the industry regulations you need to comply with. For most of your chemical storage needs, a concrete tank that is designed by an engineer will be perfect.  We can provide you with a top-of-the-line option to make sure your chemicals are safe and stored securely. 

Size matter

The sizes of tanks are differentiated based on the amount of liquid they are capable of storing.  The smaller units are used by small establishments, while big industrial projects prefer larger models. We have three different sizes of tanks to choose from. A 6700 Litre Explosive storage unit, a 11700 Litre Concrete Explosive Storage unit and a 22500 Litre Concrete Explosive Storage Unit. They can also come in square, rectangle or modular shapes. 

Underground or Above Ground

Depending on the requirements and application,  chemical storage units can be installed either under or above ground. Our concrete storage containers are made of specially made concrete to keep your chemicals and/ or dangerous goods’ temperatures stable. However, if you are still concerned about the temperature fluctuation, installing a chemical storage unit in-ground is a great solution. 

Chemicals – Things to Consider

The type of storage unit you decide on will depend directly on the chemical stored inside it as well as the industry regulations.

The main thing to remember is that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for the storage of chemicals. Some tanks that are ideal for storing water won’t be the ideal choice for certain chemicals such as petroleum. However, concrete storage can still be used for storing water. 

Additional benefits to our chemical tanks

We take the storage of dangerous chemicals and explosives very seriously. As such our chemical tanks also offer:

  • Great security with a high-grade lock system.
  • Hinge side protection prevents the door from being defeated by removing the hinge.
  • Heavy-duty strap door hinges.
  • A steel door fitted with a 3-bar locking device for extra security 
  • White exterior protective high grade painted finish.
  • Full ventilation, if storing ammunition and high-level explosives. Basic air ventilation in front and rear of units for the pyrotechnics industry and certain classifications of explosives (price difference).
  • Full signage is provided as per industry regulations.
  • Protection against lightning with earthing terminals provided.
  • Rust protection in the form of a barrier rich paint to stop rust before it even starts. 

At Versatile Tanks, your safety is our biggest priority and we pride ourselves on our second to none chemical storage units  and our ability to look after all your security and safety concerns both now and in the future.