Five Things a Wine Cellar Must Have

A wine cellar is a downright necessity for a wine enthusiast. Anyone who loves a remarkable and sizable collection of wine must work on having a designated area for their prized possessions. If wine is not stored under proper conditions, it can be damaged by external elements. The bottles can crash and break, extreme temperatures can affect the wine too. Moreover, when you have a proper place to store wine, it is easier to organize the bottles in terms of their monetary value, brand names, etc. 

Wine can be stored in spaces that are above the ground or under the ground. Underground cellars give you many advantages that other options do not have. For centuries people have used these underground spaces for various purposes. Some used to store arms and ammunition, others used to store perishable food items and wine. The main reason for this is that when things are stored below the ground, they are protected from mainly natural elements that can potentially spoil things.

Versatile Tanks builds concrete wine cellars which serve all the important purposes for wine collectors. Here is a list of things that a wine cellar must absolutely have:

Temperature Control

One of the most pressing concerns while storing wine is to keep it at a suitable temperature. In a country like Australia where temperature varies towards both extremes, it is important to store wine in a place that has good temperature control. Versatile Tanks sell concrete wine cellars which come with supreme temperature control capabilities. You are free to set it as low as 5 degrees and as high as 18 degrees. 

Keep Sunlight and UV Light at Bay

Direct sunlight exposure can wreak havoc on the composition of most food and beverage items. Wine is no different. If it is exposed to sunlight, the wine can alter its composition and taste. That is disastrous for someone who collects expensive wine and likes having a massive collection. 

UV light can cause premature aging of the stored wine. That will cause a huge loss to any wine collector. Due to this reason, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that UV light does not enter the storage space. 

The precast wine cellars that are manufactured by Versatile Tanks are manufactured in such a manner that is one continuous item. There are no joints or spaces in the material for sunlight to seep through. 

Optimum Storage

A unit that is square or rectangular in shape enables the owner to utilize the entire space in the best way. These two options are the only ones available in precast wine cellars. The look of the unit from the inside is entirely up to the owner. You can design it to suit your requirements. Some people opt for modern looks and others choose to take the antique route. 

This flexibility in the internal design gives the owner the right to use their space as they see fit. It adds to the overall versatility of the cellar too. 

Perfect Size

Versatile Tanks are manufactured in two sizes. There is a medium-sized precast concrete wine cellar option. The weight of this one is 7.1 tons and the height, width and length are 2400mm. This is a decent size for those who have a modest collection. 

Another option that they offer has larger dimensions. It weighs 11.5 tons with a length of 4400mm, a height of 2600mm and a width of 2400mm. These are much bigger dimensions than the former option. It would suit someone who is a seasoned collector and has a massive collection that needs a secure space. 

These are two perfect sizes that cover most of the needs of someone who is looking for a space to store their wine. More options and sizes will only confuse the customer.

Sturdy Design

This is also one of the most important aspects of getting a precast wine cellar made of concrete. It gives you the kind of reliability that most materials will not give. Concrete is sturdy and it has a longevity that lacks in other types of raw materials. 

A sturdy structure means that you will be able to avoid a lot of issues over the years. It will protect the structure from mould and water leakages or cracks in the foundation. The precast element does restrict some level of customization but it does leave quite a level of flexibility. 

Investing in Versatile Tanks wine cellars will leave you stress-free. A top-notch quality precast cellar will give you peace of mind. Who wants to renovate such spaces again and again? It is better that you spend once and spend wisely.