Why You Should Get Water Storage Tanks

Water is becoming scarce no matter where we choose to look. When there is excess water that can be easily stored for later use, it is better to have a feasible way to do that. The best way is to have water storage tanks. The most common option that is available in the market is concrete water tanks

It is a good investment to have underground or above the ground water tanks in general because they serve so many purposes. If you have a business where you need big storage spaces then building such a place under the ground is always a sensible option in terms of safety and keeping it away from prying eyes.

You definitely need to find out a lot more about this before jumping onto this bandwagon. When you decide to get a water storage tank, you have to choose the kind of material you need, whether you want it above the ground or underground, what size you need etc. It is better to do a complete analysis of what your needs are in regards to water and how much will a tank be of use to you or your business. Versatile Tanks offer concrete underground water tanks in various sizes to cater to as many customers as possible.

Why Should You Invest in Underground Water Storage Tanks?

The simple answer would be to avoid wastage and keep it safe for later use. But in reality, underground concrete water tanks actually have multiple purposes. They can be used for the storage of chemicals or dangerous goods too. These are those items that you do not want lying around within plain sight of the general public. 

These storage tanks enable the owner to have access to water as per their needs throughout the year. Australia has its own share of water usage limitations or dry periods when there is a water shortage. In these cases, it would really help to have safe storage space for water for later use. 

The best thing about an underground option is that it provides the owners with an unnoticeable solution to all their water needs. These tanks are discrete and have barely any effect on the activities going on above the ground. 

Underground water tanks have no algae growth and no chemicals need to be added to them so they are much cleaner and safer to use in general. There is a much lesser chance of contamination in the case of an underground tank because it is discrete and not a lot of people have access to the water directly. 

Versatile Tanks manufacture all tanks at their specialist factories with zero margins for errors. Further minor customization in terms of size and lid size can be handled. Due to onsite construction, it can be further ensured that there are no micro-cracks that can cause early corrosion or deterioration. 

Why Is Concrete The Best Option?

Concrete is the cheapest raw material amongst other options because it is the most readily available one. These types of underground water tanks do not require gravel-packing at the time of installation so that reduces a huge hassle. 

Underground concrete tanks are usually available ready-made with a margin for minor customization. Versatile Tanks usually work with their customers to come to a viable solution suitable to their needs. Their tanks are available in 3 main sizes. The smallest size is of 6700 litres capacity. The medium one has a space of 11,700 litres and the large one has 22,500 litres. 

Concrete is also a strong and sturdy material that requires little to no maintenance. These tanks can last up to 50 years and sometimes even more than that. Concrete has very little chance of deterioration or corrosion like a steel tank might. Metal options can easily catch rust and corrode. 

This material also keeps water relatively cool all around the year mainly because it is a bad conductor of heat. So even in really hot temperatures, you can get running water in your taps that is not scalding hot. Other materials such as plastic and metal tend to heat up a lot during hot weather.

Versatile Tanks also offer concrete fire fighting water tanks. The best part about these concrete tanks is that they cannot catch fire. Due to this reason, it doesn’t produce toxic fumes or particles when molten. Due to its non-combustible property, it behaves like a good shield between buildings that catch fire and keep it from spreading quickly.

Above the ground water tanks have a capacity of 22,500 litres. These can be used by themselves or linked together to increase space even further. These firefighting water tanks are built with a glass type finish which leaves zero space for air particles in the walls. 

Since water storage tanks are huge investments and long term at that, it is best to get in touch with a business that has been at it for years and knows what they are doing.