Five Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Concrete Water Tank

**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks**

Thinking of installing a concrete water tank on your business or domestic premises? To help cement your decision, we’ve compiled a convenient guide detailing five things you need to know before you get the ball rolling. Read on for more…

  1. Forward-Planning is Vital

If you’re at the stage where you’re pretty sure a concrete water tank is for you, be aware that some pre-planning is essential.

Installation, while relatively simple, can be time-consuming – and therefore necessary preparations must be made. Before our team can visit your site and lower your rainwater tank inside it, you’ll need to seek permission from your local municipal council.

You’ll also need to work out if our tanks will complement your land and its needs, before putting aside more than enough time for the important bit: the installation process. Be aware, also, that the installation of your concrete water tank is likely to mean a little operational downtime – if, for instance, you’re having a tank installed on business land. Is your company able to account for this? And have you made everyone aware that this will be the case?

Remember, though, that a little downtime now means a much more efficient business later down the line, so it really is worth scheduling some time to ensure your business runs more smoothly in the future.

While some people choose to install a concrete water tank themselves, it’s always best to contact a professional team. Domestic water tanks can be very different to commercial ones, for example. Here are some facts about each:

Domestic Water Tanks

  • Ideal if your home needs to be extended in some way
  • Perfect if you’ve always wanted a wine cellar, or just need extra space
  • Will help you store water for warmer months
  • Made for high-risk, bush fire-prone areas to ensure a high volume of water is on hand, when required
  • Cost-effective and installed quickly and efficiently
  • Available for installation in various locations across Australia.

Water Tanks for Commercial Use

  • Available for a range of purposes
  • Can be used to store dangerous goods
  • Offered in the following sizes: 6700-litre, 11700-litre, 22500-litre
  • Ideal for storing chemicals
  • Underground storage is an option
  • Can withstand the weight of a heavy trucks
  • Adaptable for a host of uses
  • High-strength concrete ensures your structure is built to stand the test of time
  • Extremely flexible, they can be customised as and when required
  • Available for installation in various locations across Australia.
  1. Concrete Water Tanks Come in a Range of Sizes – Each with Unique Benefits

When it comes to concrete water tanks, a ‘one size fits all’ approach isn’t the case. Instead, the Versatile Tanks offer several sizes, which means you can put some thought into which one best meets your needs. Below is an at-a-glance, bullet pointed list of the most common sizes – and how they’ll complement your premises:

  • 6700-litre water tanks – The 6700-litre water tank measures 2100mm in height, by 2100mm in width and 1800mm in length. Weighing a hefty 4.1 tonnes, its benefits are vast. A tank like this can easily be used as a wine cellar – ideal for personal or business use, but for practical reasons, it can be used to store water, ready for warmer months. If you’re in a high-risk bush fire location, access to a large volume of water will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.
  • 11700litre water tanks – Measuring 2400mm in height, by 2400mm in width and 2400mm in length, the 11700-litre water tank is cube-shaped in design and weighs 7.1 tonnes. This tank can be used in a variety of ways, with businesses we work with seeking permission for an installation of this size to safely and securely store anything from fuses to detonators, small arms, and ammunition. With a high-security lock system and a hinge side protection, these tanks more than meet requirements.
  • 22500litre water tanks – The largest of our most popular concrete tanks, this one measures 2600mm in height, by 2400mm in width and 4400mm in length. It also weighs 11.7 tonnes and is used widely as approved fire-fighting tanks. Above-ground rainwater tanks like this are commonly used to extinguish fires – and the fact that it won’t emit any toxic fumes or can’t be set on fire means this is a solid choice for anyone looking to protect their land.
  1. Distribution Takes Place Across Australia

There’s no need to wonder if we cover your area; distribution and installation takes place in various locations in Australia. If you’re located in any of the following regions, you’re a suitable candidate for a water tank:

  • Sydney
  • Victoria
  • Brisbane
  • New South Wales
  1. Our Square Tanks are Extremely ‘Versatile’

We don’t call ourselves Versatile Tanks for nothing! And if you opt for our square tank, you’ll be interested to discover it can be easily customised. We can simply transpose the measurements to increase or decrease the overall volume of your tank – but we must advise that this process isn’t as straightforward if you opt for a circular tank.

Square or rectangular tanks can be used for anything from household water storage, garden equipment storage, fire shelters, on-site toilet blocks, or even as a wine cellar.

  1. Concrete Water Tanks are Built to Last

So, why choose concrete over another material? Well, you can be sure a concrete structure like ours are built to last. While many people opt for plastic, it’s known as the cheaper option and therefore won’t be as reliable on a long-term basis. Steel tanks are durable and lightweight, but due to these tanks being so light, ground water can eventually case them to rise to the surface and float.

Solid tanks like our concrete ones, though, are solid enough to remain in place – and for years to come, too.

Ready for a concrete water tank?

Have any more questions about water tanks and their unique benefits and uses? Our solutions are quick, easy and cost-effective, and we’ll always advise on which is the best tank for your needs – whether domestic or commercial. Feel free to get in touch with the team at Versatile Water Tanks, who’ll be more than happy to help.

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