Important Factors To Remember When Using Concrete Chemical Storage Units

**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks**

Our concrete chemical storage units are ideal for storing explosive, chemical and dangerous goods. Available in three different sizes with modular, rectangular and square design options, our quality range of dangerous goods storage tanks at Versatile Tanks meet the Australian Standards AS2187-1-1998 Storage and Transportation of Explosives.

But what important factors should you be considering when storing hazardous and dangerous chemicals in your workplace?

What types of chemicals are you storing?

One of the most important factors is to first identify each type of chemical you will be storing onsite in order to fully understand the risks and hazards associated with their storage requirements.

Will the stored chemicals react if exposed to sunlight? How will it negatively affect the surrounding environment if accidentally spilt? Are you storing chemicals that are mostly corrosive, toxic or flammable?

What are the associated risks?

When you have a full understanding of what types of chemicals you will be storing, you will then need to consider the risks associated with each chemical.

Is there a risk of stored chemicals spilling toxic liquid on workers? Will an accidental spill or exposure to sunlight cause an explosion or fire? Is there a risk of corrosive chemicals reacting to material such as metal if spilt and damaging the building’s infrastructure? Is there any long-term risk of developing health issues such as cancer due to exposure?

It’s a good idea to create a list that outlines each chemical being stored onsite, the potential risks and how to correctly handle each item stored in your chemical storage units.

How will you control the risks?

Prevention is always better than the cure, so it is important to know exactly how to control each risk to minimise damage in the event of an accident occurring. The factors to consider when controlling the risks include:

  • Are you able to implement and manage safe work methods?
  • Is there a chemical that could be replaced with a less harmful chemical product?
  • Could you stop using certain dangerous chemicals altogether?
  • What type of protective equipment or clothing is best for protecting your staff?
  • How could your workplace or storage area be designed to ensure a reduced amount of exposure to the stored chemicals for your staff?

How will you correctly store your chemicals?

Understanding the different types of chemicals you are storing, their associated risks and how to manage the risks is great – but what is the best way to store them? How much ventilation do you need? What is the best temperature level for the chemical storage unit?

This is made easy with our range of dangerous goods storage tanks. Because our units are made from a unique concrete mixture, they are completely moisture-proof and the inside temperatures can be easily maintained at a consistent level. They also feature our innovatively designed ‘convex roof’ which was specially created for the pyrotechnics industry.

When searching for high-quality chemical storage units, reach out to us at Versatile Tanks. Browse our website to learn more information or call us today on 1300 783 344 to find out how we can help you.