What To Consider When Designing Your Wine Cellar?

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As one of the leading concrete wine cellar manufacturers, we understand just how important having the ideal storage space is for housing your wine collection. This is why at Versatile Tanks, you can find the ideal precast concrete wine cellar for a convenient and easy solution for all your wine storage needs.

Having a good wine storage facility is important for ensuring the quality and taste of your wine collection, and there are many factors to consider such as the temperature and the size of the unit.

To help out, here are the main factors to consider when designing a wine cellar for your home:

Light can be your worst enemy

Your precious wine collection can be seriously damaged from prolonged exposure to sunlight. When storing your wine in an above-ground wine cellar with windows, the UV (Ultraviolet) rays from sunlight coming through can rapidly age your wine prematurely.

Green glass wine bottles offer limited protection by acting as a filter for UV rays, while dark amber glass bottles offer the best protection. However, the risk of the flavour and quality of your wine being affected is still present. Wines such as rich red wines will absorb almost all of the UV radiation, resulting in an unpleasant taste and aroma.

With no risk of having any seams or joins during construction, all of our concrete wine cellars are manufactured and moulded in a large continuous piece. By using an underground concrete wine cellar from Versatile Tanks, there is no need for any windows, resulting in a wine cellar that is fully protected from damaging UV light.

Having the right size and shape is crucial

The shape and size of your wine cellar are important for ensuring that your wine collection is stored correctly. For ageing well and staying in optimum condition, your precious wine bottles must be stored lying horizontally as the wine needs to always be touching the cork.

To make sure your wine cellar will fit into the available space you are working with, our concrete precast wine cellars are available in large and medium sizes. Our pre-cast cement units are also available in rectangular and square shapes, ensuring that the available storage space is completely maximised.

Managing the ideal storage temperature

Managing the temperature of your wine cellar is the most important aspect to consider. Ensuring the correct storage temperature can be difficult, especially in hot countries with unpredictable climates such as Australia. Rather than using air conditioners to regulate the inside temperature, which can be very expensive, utilising a concrete underground wine cellar is ideal.

Regardless if the outside weather is too cold or too hot, in an underground cement wine cellar from Versatile Tanks, your wine collection will be stored at a comfortable temperature between 5 to 18 degrees all year round.

Whether it’s beneath foundations, above ground or underground, a pre-cast concrete wine cellar is the perfect storage solution for your expensive and precious wine collection. Contact one of the leading wine cellar manufacturers at Versatile Tanks to discover how we can assist your wine storage needs.

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