The Difference Between A Rainwater Retention And Stormwater Detention Tank

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Common questions that can get asked a lot are what is the difference between a stormwater detention tank, also known as an OSD (Onsite Detention Tank),and a rainwater retention tank, and which one should you get? In a nutshell, both water tanks are designed to collect stormwater and rainwater. However, a stormwater tank will drain the collected water over time whereas a rainwater tank will retain the collected water to be used for a later date.

What is the difference between stormwater and rainwater?

Rainwater is basically the water that falls on the roof when it rains. It is then stored into a retention tank so that it doesn’t make any contact with the ground. Because it doesn’t touch the ground, rainwater is safe for drinking (depending on how the water is treated)as it contains less contaminants such as oil residues, soil, chemical fertilisers and debris.

However, rainwater can also be used for low-risk purposes such as washing clothes, washing cars and filling up swimming pools.

Stormwater is basically the rainwater that lands on the ground such as roads, gardens, footpaths, driveways, gutters, down pipes, runoffs and lawns. This water is not safe for drinking and is generally used for low-risk uses including watering gardens and for flushing toilets. It can even be treated and used for filling up backyard swimming pools.

When should you get a detention tank?

Investing in a stormwater detention tank is not only a smart, cost-effective investment but can also be compulsory depending on the situation. For example, when building and designing a new property, it will be mandatory during the development and planning process to install an onsite detention tank system.

This also includes developing or connecting properties which connect to town water supplies. These properties can include home units, townhouses, strata subdivisions and villas. It also includes all structures and buildings that are used for industrial, commercial and special use such as recreational, educational and community.

When should you get a retention tank?

Regardless if you are currently living in a rural or urban area, there are many reasons to invest in a concrete water tank:

  • Wanting to harvest rainwater for the purpose of irrigating your garden.
  • Wanting to save money by paying less for your water bill.
  • Wanting to drink natural water that doesn’t contain added chemicals.
  • Currently living in a council area where there isn’t a town water service.
  • Currently living in an area where you are required to install a retention tank.
  • Currently living in an area with strict water restrictions.

High-quality concrete water tanks

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