5 Reasons to Consider Using Concrete Tanks for Your Wine Cellar

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For wine lovers, there are few marks of distinction better regarded than the possession of a dedicated wine cellar. However, the expense can often be prohibitive, and there are many factors that need to be taken into account. Fortunately, a concrete tank wine cellar offers all the benefits of a traditional cellar without any of the disadvantages.

They’re cost effective

It isn’t just the exorbitant cost of extending your property that makes a wine cellar so expensive. People often underestimate the specialty equipment that needs to be installed to keep the room at the ideal temperature; even the right door can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Other things to consider are the insulation, moisture barrier, and creating an airtight seal. A wine cellar isn’t just a refurbished basement. In fact, cellars often end up costing $30,000 to $40,000 – and you can’t take them with you if you’re ever forced to relocate.

In contrast, a concrete tank won’t see you paying anything extra to extend your property, and will possess all the qualities needed for a wine cellar.

They can be fully customized according to your requirements

A supplier of quality tanks will be able to provide one that completely meets your needs. Concrete tanks don’t immediately suggest refinement and sophistication, but they’re incredibly versatile. This allows you to foster the exact kind of atmosphere you’re looking for.

Firstly, you’ll be able to select the right size. People who choose to build an old-fashioned cellar beneath their property will often have the size and dimensions forced upon them, but you’ll be able to get exactly what you want from a concrete tank, provided you have the ground space available. Additionally, you will be able to choose either a vertical door installation or access via the more traditional lid.

The tank itself can be provided in any way you see fit. Most suppliers are happy to supply the basic shell and door cavity for those who want to customize every detail to their own unique tastes. However, you can also choose to have stairs, ladders, and other elements fitted and painted as part of the installation. With a concrete tank wine cellar, the choice is always yours.

You can fit them into any space

A wine cellar doesn’t necessarily have to lie right beneath your property. There are many instances where that is not particularly advantageous, or even possible.

That’s another reason why concrete tank wine cellars are so beneficial. Since they’re premade, you can place yours anywhere. Of course, this can mean underground if that’s the best place for your cellar, but your new cellar could be placed completely above ground, or even built into the side of a hill.

They’re durable

The most immediately obvious advantage of a concrete tank wine cellar is the durability. It’s worth remembering that protection is the central purpose of any wine cellar. The older vintages and rare bottles invariably kept by wine aficionados often represent a serious investment. Even a cellar stocked with standard bottles could hold over $1000 of wine.

A concrete wine cellar will offer a greater level of protection than a wooden one, or even an inbuilt cellar beneath your property. Though they appear charming and traditional on the inside, there will still be a good few inches of concrete protecting your bottles. Even a bush fire won’t be able to damage a concrete tank wine cellar.

As well as durable, they’re also reliable. The walls and base will be poured together, meaning no external joints will exist. No external joints mean a lower likelihood of leakage, damp, and mould; your wine will be perfectly protected from the elements.

They provide a cool, dry environment

Australian summers are hot and long. That’s great for us, but it doesn’t make for easy wine storage. For wine to age properly, it needs to be protected from both heat and light, generally being kept between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. It also needs to be kept away from moisture, something that can be particularly tricky in the subtropical climate that covers most of the country.

Storing your wine in a concrete tank wine cellar goes a long way towards solving those problems. Since it is completely protected from the outside world it will be unaffected by moisture or light, and can be positioned anywhere you want it, meaning yours could be placed well away from the glare of the Australian sun.

There’s nothing better for wine-lovers than the knowledge of knowing they have a special bottle for every occasion resting in the perfect environment. Installing a concrete tank wine cellar can make that dream a reality, without the added cost and hassle of a traditional wine cellar.

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