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**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks**

Why do I have to store rainwater?

Put simply, storing rainwater helps you to save money but also, Australia’s climate means that rainwater is scarce. Store it for your own use for when those dry seasons come along.

We have one of the driest continents on earth in Australia, but we are one of the greatest water users per capita. We also now have unpredictable rainfall due to the climatic changes.

Rainwater is one of the most precious resources we have and much of it runs to waste. Catching roof water runoff can also help reduce peak storm water flows into our drains, local creeks and rivers – it makes sense to save it and use it, even if this is for washing, toilets and water our gardens.

As soon as rainfall is low, excess water rates increase and watering restrictions take place. So by using rainwater, you can make savings on your water account.

Take every opportunity to store this life-giving liquid and make your contribution towards reducing the demand our homes make on dam storage and aquifer reserves.

What sizes do you supply?

Versatile tanks are available in 3 main sizes:

22500 litre: external dimensions 2400mm wide x 2640mm high x 4400mm long

11700 litre: external dimensions 2400mm wide x 2400mm long x 2400mm high

6700 litre: external dimensions 2100mm wide x 1800lomg x 2100mm high

All of our concrete tanks can be reduced in height should you strike unforeseen circumstances, such as rock or underground water.

Where you do you supply?

Versatile Tanks supplies Australia-wide

How are the tanks made?

What makes Versatile Tanks unique is that the tanks are rectangular and square, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways, more flexibly, compared to round tanks. The tanks are made in our own factory – we use high strength concrete in a seamless mould and cure with structural steel to achieve the strength of a Versatile tank. They are then transported to your site, wherever you are in Australia.

Do I have to have a certified Installer?

No not at all.

Versatile tanks have easy to read installation guidelines.

The steps are:

  1. Plan: Ask a crane company to inspect your site and indicate what size tank you want placed there to research your options.
  2. Order: Order your Versatile Tank, plus fill out the plumbing diagram that we’ll provide with advice from your plumber.
  3. Get digging: Find an excavator operator and give them the installation guidelines. They will need to dig a square or rectangular hole based on your tank’s dimensions.
  4. Coordinate: Book the crane, advise us of the time and we will have the tank delivered to your site to meet the crane.

Do I have to have council approval?

All areas of Australia are different so unfortunately all councils are different. We advise that you seek advice from your own council before proceeding with your Versatile Tank installation.

Generally, if the tank is being placed underground in your yard and it is 1m away from a boundary, 3m away from your house/footings, and not near your sewer, your council does not need to know about your tank installation.

Can your tanks be installed under driveways and garages?

Yes definitely – this ability is what makes Versatile Tanks unique.

Our standard tank load starts at 5kpa, which means a 100120mm slab can be placed directly over the tank lid. We have lid configurations allowing loads from light to medium, such as transporting up to 300mm slabs, asphalt, compactors, heavy trucks, and carparks. Just call us and we can assist and work with your engineer.

Can your tanks be placed anywhere else beside underground?

Our tanks are versatile, so they have multiple uses.

Examples of what our tanks can be used as include:

  • Water storage
  • Retaining walls
  • Wine cellars
  • Chemical storage units with bunded floors
  • Magazines for explosive storage units
  • On-site detention tanks
  • Grey water tanks
  • Black water tanks
  • Semi inground
  • Above ground
  • Or use the lid of the water tank as a patio to your home.

Ordering process for a tank

We have installed our concrete tanks in many difficult sites and had them modified to suit a huge variety of applications, including reducing the height and increasing lid thickness. Call us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to create a unique solution for you.

Once you’ve decided on the size and shape of the tank you’d like to order, you can expect the delivery to be approximately 2 weeks from your date or order. This gives us time to make the tank to your specifications, and allows you time to plan the installation with your plumber, excavator operator and crane.

Have more questions? See if you can find your answer on our frequently asked questions page, or contact us.

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