Concrete Water Tanks: Tank Sizes and Benefits

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Could a concrete water tank benefit your home or business? We say ‘probably’, since they come with a host of uses. First and foremost, though, they’ll help preserve much-needed water and save you some money in the long run. As you’ll already be aware if you’re an Australian resident, various locations in the country can be prone to water shortages and draughts. So, isn’t it about time you were prepared?

Providing an immediate solution to the issue of water collection, concrete water tanks are environmentally-friendly and easy to maintain. One of the simplest ways to protect yourself against a future water shortage, a tank like this can be installed above or below ground. A professional team will ensure installation is smooth and stress-free, too, resulting in minimal downtime for you, your business or your home.

Here in this convenient guide to concrete water tanks, we talk you through the different sizes available and how and why each one will prove a great investment. The bottom line is you’ll always be making a wise choice when choosing a water tank, since it really will help you save money – and do your bit for the environment.

So, which size water tank do people generally go for? Below are some popular sizes of tank seen on our site – and their uses:

6700-Litre Water Tanks

Measuring 2100mm in height by 2100mm in width and 1800mm in length, the 6700-litre water tank weighs in at 4.1 tonnes.

Benefits and Uses

The 6700-litre water tank is one of the best options for domestic use. And if you require you home to be extended in some way, this could be the perfect solution when it comes to storing rainwater.

Tanks of this size can also be used as wine cellars, too. If you’ve always wanted somewhere that’s purpose-built to store your favourite bottle of red or white, maybe this is it.

You might also find that a concrete water tank of this size is useful for more practical reasons, though. For instance, you might need to store water for the warmer months. Or maybe you’re in a high-risk bush fire area and you’d have some reassurance if a large volume of water was available at a moment’s notice.

While the 6700-litre tank is ideal for domestic use, there’s nothing to stop you opting for a larger one – such as a 11700 or 22500-litre one. The great thing about our tanks is their versatility – and any of these sizes can be installed underground.

Don’t be mistaken for thinking that the larger the tank, the better the quality. All our tanks offer the same level of quality; it’s just the sizes that differ.

What’s more, water tanks like these come as one unit, which means they can be easily transported anywhere in the country. We’ll also tailor your tank to your requirements, whether you’d like one with a thicker lid, or a tank with a reduction in height.

11700-Litre Water Tanks

The 11700 water tank measures 2400mm in height by 2400mm in width and 2400mm in length. A cube-shaped design, it weighs 7.1 tonnes.

Benefits and Uses

Sitting in between our smallest and largest-capacity fire tank, our 11700-litre option can be used in a variety of ways. Have you considered a concrete tank for your business, if it specialises in the design and manufacture of concrete explosive storage units, for example?

For the storage of fuses, detonators, small arms, ammunition, and pyrotechnics, amongst other uses, this tank is ideal if you have lots to store.

So, what are the standard features of a tank of this size? With a 920-wide access door, a high security lock system and a hinge side protection, which prevents the door from being defeated by removing the hinge, a tank of this size has heavy duty strap door hinges, too.

With a 10mm-thick steel door fitted with a three-bar locking device, you’ll also find a six-lever safe lock fitted to this tank. If you’re storing ammunition, there’s full ventilation, thorough signage and markings as required, and earthing terminals for lightning protection.

Need some more information about any of our tanks and their sizes? Head here to discover more articles on our blog. You’ll find everything from pieces on the most popular fire tank uses, to how to install a concrete fire tank in your home or business, and you’ll even have some of your burning questions answered.

22500-Litre Water Tanks

If you’re looking for a 22500-litre water tank, you’ve come to the right place. This one measures 2600mm in height by 2400mm in width and 4400mm in length. Weighing 11.7 tonnes, this is a heavy tank and one which will store plenty of water.

Benefits and Uses

So, what’s the primary use of our 22500-litre concrete tanks? We use them as approved fire-fighting tanks here at Versatile Tanks. These above-ground rainwater storage options are used to extinguish fires – ideal in Australia, where bushfires are rife.

Since it can’t be set on fire, concrete is ideal as a fire-fighting water storage tank. A tank like this won’t emit toxic fumes either, meaning it’s even more resistant to fire. Add to that the fact that it has a slow rate of heat transfer and you’re onto a winner when you choose this. An effective fire shield between adjacent spaces, it protects reinforcing bars and internal concrete from damage.

Manufactured to the AS3600 concrete structures specifications, tanks of this size and style are designed to withstand exposure classifications B1, B2 and C as per AS3735-2001 concrete liquid-retaining structures standards.

Above ground tanks like this are generally supplied with a capacity of 22500 litres, and they can be interlinked or used as a standalone tank. Delivered to your business via a semi-trailer that’s approximately 19 metres long, a tank of this size is a hefty construction and one that, for this reason, is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Why opt for an underground water tank?

In the event of a shortage, it’s vital that you’ve made provisions to back you up. Live in the country or in a remote location? Then you probably won’t have access to a mainline supply, and you’ll have to find your own water to suit your everyday requirements.

It really is practical to own a water tank, then, since they offer the simplest way of storing water for when you need it.

Giving you the option of either transporting water from elsewhere and storing it, or collecting rain water for use, or a combination of the two, an underground water tank can make perfect sense. An above- ground water tank, on the other hand, is the obvious choice if you’d like the convenience of having a supply of water when you need it.

Where do we distribute our concrete water tanks?

Choose a concrete water tank from Versatile Tanks and you’ll be pleased to discover we can deliver across Australia. Whether you’re in New South Wales, Sydney, Perth, Victoria, or Brisbane, we can get a water tank to you and have it installed in no time at all. Get in touch to discover more and we’d be happy to help.

In case you needed another reason to choose a concrete water tank…

…head to for all sorts of handy hints and tips. Make use of rainwater and you’ll reduce your water bills, have an alternative supply of h20 on tap (if you’ll pardon the pun), as and when you need it, and you’ll be able to maintain a healthier garden.

The amount of water you’ll save is dependent on the size of tank you choose. But as an example, you can reduce your mains water use by a staggering 100%! Doing so will help reduce the need for new dams or destination plants and protect environmental flows in rivers. It’ll also cut down infrastructure operating costs.

There’s nothing to stop you using any of our concrete water tanks for any purpose we mentioned above. Some will be more suited to certain applications, but we judge each project and site on its merits and we’re always available for a chat should you want to discuss your options. Ready to hear more? Get in touch with our team today.

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