Huge advantages of owning a Wine cellar

Wine Cellar being delivered**Please note Versatile Tanks DO NOT repair water tanks**

One of the biggest benefits of installing an underground Versatile Tanks wine cellar is that it does not encroach on any of your valuable usable land.

Versatile Tank wine cellars are designed for overhead loads such as garage slabs, pergolas, garden sheds etc

Installing an underground concrete wine cellar once remodeled will have an additional functional room and automatically increase the value of your home.

3D drawing of a wine cellar design from Versatile Tanks

Underground rooms such as wine cellars have a stable climate and are more thermally effective than above ground rooms.

Installing a wine cellar takes away the need to refrigerate your wine.

Modular wine cellars are robust, engineered and designed to be installed underground. Made in a seamless mould with high density concrete no opportunity for moisture or water to seep through cold joins as there are none. The wine cellars are seamless!

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